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You can find this on your annual benefit statement or any letters sent from us.

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This is so we can get in touch with your other provider and start the process.
If you’d like to transfer more than one pension to us please submit another form.

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What this is

This may be the name of your employer. If you have a personal pension, type ‘individual’ here.

Where you can find this

You can find this on your annual benefit statement or other letters from your provider

Here’s what we need

Check the transfer value of your pension before you apply. You can do this by contacting your provider. This will help make sure your transfer process goes smoothly.

You can choose how this transfer payment is invested. This may be in the same way as your regular payments. Or, you can choose the scheme default option. Let us know which you prefer:

If you’re not paying into your pension on a regular basis, this payment will be invested in the scheme's default option.

Once your transfer is complete, you can see your investment options and change how it’s invested at any time. Visit your scheme infosite for more information.


Check your details

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Pension details

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Here, we take you through the small print

Step 5 of 6 Next, we need your permission to go ahead with the transfer. This part of the process is sometimes called a ‘declaration’.

What this section is for

What you tell us here will become part of your contract and/or we’ll rely on it when we administer your scheme benefits.

That’s why, for legal reasons, we must give you some official wording. If you complete this form, you're letting us know that you’re happy with the statements below.

You’re also letting us know that you’ve checked if your other providers will charge you to transfer. You're happy to pay these as part of your transfer.

It’s worth noting that if your pension is run by trustees, we’re able to act on their behalf.

You’re happy for us to start your transfer

I authorise, instruct and apply to you to transfer sums and assets from the plan(s) as listed in this application directly to Scottish Widows and to provide any instructions and/or discharge required by any relevant third party to do so.

We can talk to your providers and your employers, and they can talk to us

I authorise Scottish Widows, the current provider, any contributing employer named in this application to obtain from each other, and release to each other, any information that may be required to enable the transfer of sums and assets to Scottish Widows.

You're happy for us to ask a credit agency to check that your details are correct

I accept that in order to comply with regulatory obligations, Scottish Widows – and the current provider named in this application – may need to verify my identity and residential address, and may use credit reference agency searches and ask for my documents to verify my identity and address.

If you change your mind while the transfer is underway, we’ll send back the payment we received

Until this application is accepted and complete, Scottish Widow’s responsibility is limited to the return of the total payment(s) to the current provider(s).

Once you’ve transferred to us, the benefits you’ll receive will come from us, not your old providers.

When payment is made to Scottish Widows as instructed, this means that I shall no longer be entitled to receive pension benefits from the whole of the plan(s) listed in this application where the whole of the plan(s) is transferring, or that part of the plan(s) represented by the payment(s) if only part of the plan(s) is transferring.

You're nearly there!

Step 6 of 6
Finally, just a couple more points to confirm. In this section, you’re agreeing with three things.

You gave us the right details.

I accept responsibility in respect of any claims, losses, expenses, additional tax charges or any penalties that Scottish Widows and the current provider may incur as a result of any incorrect, untrue, or misleading information in this application or given by me, or on my behalf, or of any failure on my part to comply with any aspect of this application.

This includes where I have been asked to provide any original plan document(s) in return for the transfer of funds and I am unable to do so.

You’ve checked our transfer pages and there’s nothing to stop you applying.

I confirm the current plan(s) are not subject to any existing or proposed trustee in bankruptcy orders, or earmarking or pension sharing orders, or other receiving orders.

I accept that by transferring the value of my previous plan(s) that I will lose any guarantees, protected benefits or features provided by my previous plan provider(s).

If you don’t know if your pension has any of these guarantees, benefits or features please contact your previous plan provider(s) before proceeding.

What happens next?

When you submit this form, you’re giving us permission to do two things:

  • Request the transfer from your previous provider, and
  • once we've received your transfer payment, invest this as you’ve asked.

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