Protecting pensions in the wake of Covid-19

In times like this of unprecedented national crisis it is reassuring to see communities come together and show kindness towards each other as we all face adversity in unison.

Unfortunately, organised criminals are already exploiting the coronavirus crisis to get their hands on people’s hard earned cash with a series of new scams including pension related frauds.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) urged the public to be aware of emails claiming to be from the government, offering a tax rebate to help people through this difficult time.

People are asked to fill in their details, including their bank card details, so that scammers can withdraw money from their target’s account.

Fraudsters are also sending emails claiming to be from the World Health Organisation, in an attempt to get those worried about the virus to hand over personal details, giving them access to potentially false health advice.

And we know that an already popular tactic for scammers is cold calling or texting pretending to be from banks or pension providers, claiming that customers money is at risk and urging them to move their money to a ‘safe account’.

Our priority is to keep your clients money safe and help them feel protected and reassured during these uncertain and turbulent times. 

There are a few simple steps to help support and guide your clients to better understand and identify the warning signs of a scam.

Download and share our helpful summary with your clients.

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