Welcome to our new website

We’ve refreshed and renewed your site to make it a better experience for you.

What's changed?

We’ve talked to advisers, paraplanners, administrators and our own experts to bring you a better website. So now, the information, expertise and the tools you need are easier to find. Our Fund Finder tool now includes our Fund Supermarket funds and has better analysis tools. We’ve developed a new knowledge library to help you find what you need to know.

“Thank you to all the advisers, paraplanners and administrators who told us what works for them!” 

Easier to get around

  • We want you to get to what you need quickly and easily.
  • We’ve created a menu at the top of the page which can guide you directly to the things you want to get to.
  • When you go to our products pages, you will also see we how we can support you with them, their unique features and how to apply. 

Fund finding fundamentals

  • We’ve rearranged our fund search so now you can find all our pension and investment funds and Fund Supermarket funds in one place.
  • It’s easier to compare and contrast funds, create charts and manage and build your clients’ portfolios.

Find funds

    Access from all your devices

  • You can use your smart phones and tablets to review the Adviser website and most of the tools.
  • It’s called ‘responsive’, which means the webpage resizes itself, to fit the device you are using.
  • So you can take us wherever you go. This is especially handy during your client home visits.

Smarter way to find expertise

  • We have also created a new knowledge library so you can search for know-how you need.
  • Search for TechTalk, FundsTalk, CPD and more.