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Enhanced Annuities

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  • We aim to add new portals in the future.

  • Quote will be guaranteed for 30 days from the date the quote is produced. The application form and purchase price must be received within the 30 days for the terms in the quote to apply.

    We have a dedicated administration team who will be responsible for setting up and dealing with all post sale aspects of our Enhanced Annuity.

    The administration team will:
    • on receipt of the application form, validate the information in the form to enable us to set up the annuity on the correct basis
    • contact the ceding provider on receipt of the application form to obtain the purchase price. This will be done by ORIGO options or by post
    • check to see if the purchase price is received after the end of the guarantee period. Where this is the case, and the enhanced annuity rate has decreased, we will issue a new quote.
    On completion of the checks the administration team will:
    • arrange a payment of any tax free cash (transfer only)
    • set up annuity income payments
    • organise payment of any adviser charge or commission
    • issue policy documentation, including the Policy Schedule, to the customer. If requested copies can be issued to you.

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