An introduction to Offset

A 2 minute film you can show your clients explaining how Offset adds up.

Mortgages: How offset adds up video

Offset Mortgage Infographic

This is aimed at mortgage intermediaries and explains how Offset can add up for your clients. It includes details of what type of clients Offset may be suitable for including those with disposable income and the self-employed. The infographic also gives background on how an Offset mortgage works including how your clients can reduce the term of their mortgage, or the monthly payment.

  • Mortgages. How Offset adds up.

    Whatever the size of your client’s savings, the flexibility of an Offset Mortgage could help pay off their mortgage more quickly, or reduce their monthly payment in a tax-efficient way, and they can still access their savings.

    Offset is available on our 2, 3 and now 5 year fixed rate mortgages.

    And, Offset is an option for more people than you might think.

    Who Offset is suitable for:

    Self-employed. They may be saving for their tax bill, or have a fluctuating income.

    Offset is also suitable for:

    Professionals and entrepreneurs, and people who may get bonuses or have small to large savings from £100 to £1,000,000. And if they save regularly, they could earn their mortgage rate on their savings.

    Offset offers flexible, fast access to capital, with no delays, which allows your clients to be creative with their cash portfolio.

    You might be surprised how Offset Mortgages could add up for anyone.

    Visit our Offset Mortgages Hub for more information.