Fixed or Flexible Discounted Gift Trusts

Find out which Discounted Gift Trust is right for your clients.

Why choose Scottish Widows Trusts?

We aim to provide flexibility by offering a choice of fixed or flexible trusts, single or joint settlor investment. We also provide a protector option with our flexible trusts as well as a wide range of support material to provide you and your clients with continued support throughout the lifetime of the trust.

Benefits of Discounted Gift & Income Trusts

  • The potential to reduce inheritance tax liabilities whilst aiming to provide an income for life (subject to sufficient capital remaining).
  • Choice of Flexible (Discretionary) or Fixed (Absolute) Trust.
  • Trustees aren't locked into a particular investment or product provider.
  • Our basis for calculating potential discount has been agreed with HMRC.
  • Wide range of investment funds.
  • RDR friendly product charging options.
  • Choice of underwriting options including full and concurrent underwriting.
  • Ability to set up the Trust with an existing policy.
  • Comprehensive range of supporting material and expert technical support.

Fixed or flexible trust?

Trust basis
Client suitability
Product information

Fixed Discounted Gift Trust

For a fixed interest (absolute) basis.

Suitable for clients who have:

  • already decided how any remaining capital should be distributed
  • are certain who they want as beneficiaries
  • want to take advantage of the potentially exempt transfer regime.

Overview, features and benefits 

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Flexible Discounted Gift Trust

For a flexible (discretionary) basis.

Suitable for clients who want to:

  • decide how any remaining capital should be distributed
  • option to make changes to beneficiaries
  • protector option to add an extra level of control.

Overview, features and benefits

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