Pension Freedoms has given people with Defined Contribution pensions greater control and flexibility over taking their benefits. This means your clients with Defined Benefit (DB) pensions may enquire about the pros and cons of transferring. There are many reasons to be cautious about advising on DB pensions. That's why at Scottish Widows we're focused on helping you achieve the right outcomes for your clients with our expert support. And with Retirement Account we have a flexible pension plan for your clients if transferring is the right thing to do.

Expert Insight

Supporting you in navigating the complex subject with:

Webinar – Finalised Guidance for DB Advice


Watch our webinar on the FCA’s recent Final Guidance Paper, FG21/3, which helps advisers understand the regulators expectations when advising on pension transfers and conversions.


Watch now(opens in a new tab)

Vodcast – Our take on the DB Advice Landscape


In this short vodcast, pension expert Gareth Davies discusses the FCA’s policy statement PS20/06.

Watch it now(opens in a new tab)

Defined Benefit Landscape Webinar


Watch our webinar on the FCA's recent policy statement PS20/06 and how this might change the DB advice landscape.

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Defined Benefit Advice and PS 20/06


The Rise of the FCA. Read our article looking at the FCA’s latest DB advice rule changes.

Read now (PDF 128KB)(opens in a new tab)

Techtalk - DB Schemes Benefits & Tax Treatment Explained


Demystifying DB pensions, TFC and death benefits.

Read now (PDF 167KB)(opens in a new tab)

The Regulatory Landscape

Here's the latest information from the regulator on this topic:

FG21/3: Advising on pension transfers


Guidance consultation on what's expected from firms who advise on transfers & conversions.

Explore now(opens in a new tab)

PS20/6 Pension transfer advice


Feedback on CP19/25 & final rules and guidance.

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FCA Consumer Support: What does good advice look like?


Consumer page with a video explaining the DB advice process.

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Expert Support

Helping you achieve the right outcomes for your clients with:

Adviser Defined Benefit Guide


The key things to consider when reviewing your client’s suitability.


Read now (PDF 1MB)(opens in a new tab)

Client Defined Benefit Guide - Thinking of Transferring your Defined Benefits


Provide your clients with information on the options available to them and some of the key things they should consider.

Read now (PDF 4MB)(opens in a new tab)

servicing support

If your client does wish to proceed with a DB transfer, we understand the importance of this being done as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we have a specialist team who:

  • Complete DB transfer/discharge forms and issue the same day
  • Issue completed forms to the ceding scheme by special delivery
  • Email copies of completed transfer/discharge forms to the ceding scheme if required.


A flexible product solution if transferring is the right outcome for your client

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