Retirement Account

Key strengths


A range of choices to help your clients achieve their goals.

  • Three ranges of risk rated multi-asset portfolio funds

          - established track record of performance

          - competitively priced with active asset allocation and regular monitoring

          - peace of mind - strong portfolio governance

  • Innovative drawdown solutions - our Retirement Portfolio Funds are designed to manage significant volatility.
  • Comprehensive range - in addition to our portfolio ranges, access to 150+ funds, self-investment options, lifestyling and portfolio management.  

Find out about our investment options


Find out more about our multi-asset options, backed up by expert investment insights.


Clear, competitive charging structure that’s easy to explain to your clients.

  • Clear and straightforward - one service charge. No charge for additional transactions.
  • Tiered service charge - simple to explain, better value for your clients.
  • Three core portfolio fund ranges - at only 0.1%*; 0.2%;* 0.4 %*, with excellent potential for growth.
  • No charge for drawdown - making it clear for clients that Retirement Account can be a plan for life.

*Total annual fund charges. This may change in the future.

Learn about our charging structure


Read the Lang Cat’s report showing the impact of charges on the lifetime costs of investing. (Scottish Widows is not responsible for the content of this document). 


Working with Scottish Widows is easy - meaning you can focus on helping your clients.

  • Digital self-service and support - fast and efficient service.
  • Signature-free processing - for new applications and increments.
  • Dedicated telephone servicing - it’s quick and easy to reach us.
  • Case ownership - we’ll support you through every stage.

Our online services enable you to manage your clients quickly and easily.



We’ve been helping people plan their financial future for over 200 years, so we know what we’re doing.

  • Iconic Brand - well-known brand, making us easier to recommend.  
  • Sharing our expertise - knowledgeable and exclusively pension focused relationship managers.
  • Market leadership - taking the lead on important issues on behalf of advisers and the industry.
  • Industry insight - topical opinions and insight from our TechTalk and FundsTalk magazines.

Benefit from our expertise


Check out our important articles, MasterClasses and CPD material to help you build your business.


Plans change, which is why we offer one flexible plan for you and your clients.

  • Multi asset portfolios - can be used in combination with other investment options.
  • A wide range of investment options - from our multi-asset range to self-investment and portfolio management.
  • Flexible income options - tailor plans to meet clients’ changing needs, including Drip Feed Drawdown and Retirement Portfolio Funds.
  • Designation by phone - verbal instruction can move clients’ funds into income.
  • Flexible adviser charging - ad-hoc adviser charging options.

Flexible retirement options within one plan


Drip Feed Drawdown can create the right mix of tax-free cash for regular income.

Drip Feed Drawdown