Retirement Account


Our comprehensive investment solutions have stand-out features to help your clients achieve their retirement goals, from ‘light-touch’ approaches, to more complex portfolios.

  • Across planning and income, our three competitively priced multi-asset ranges can be suitable for a wide range of clients. They can help you provide a fully advised model at low cost.

    • At just 0.1%*, our Pension Portfolio Funds are multi-asset solutions at passive fund prices.
    • Our Premier Pension Portfolios at 0.4%* offer more diversification and specialist fund management.
    • Our Retirement Portfolio Funds are specifically designed for drawdown at 0.2%.*
    • Long-term strategic asset allocation is the basis of our multi-asset funds’ performance, reviewed by our experienced asset allocation team.

    * Current Total Annual Fund Charge within Retirement Account. This may change in the future.

  • Our drawdown options include some key potential benefits to manage volatility and cover a broad range of prices and risk options.

    • For just 0.2%*, our Retirement Portfolio Funds (RPFs) are designed to help manage significant volatility to help pension pots last longer with our innovative Dynamic Volatility Management process.
    • Our Solution Funds have delivered risk-rated multi-manager performance since 2005, offering widely diversified investments for more selective drawdown clients.

    * Current Total Annual Fund Charge within Retirement Account. This may change in the future.

  • Our multi-asset and lifestyling options provide ‘light-touch’ investment solutions, covering a broad range of risk appetites, at low cost.

    • Our original Pension Portfolio Funds at 0.1% have outperformed comparative ABI sectors.**
    • Premier Pension Portfolios at 0.4%* offer more diversified asset classes and specialist fund management to increase the potential for good returns, including smart beta and absolute return strategies.
    • Both of these portfolio fund ranges are core components of our Governed Investment Strategies lifestyling options.
    • Our Scottish Widows Solution funds offer multi-manager, risk-rated options for 0.6 to 0.9%* for investors wanting an actively managed approach.

    * Current Total Annual Fund Charge within Retirement Account. This may change in the future.

    **As at 28 February 2020. Source: Scottish Widows, Financial Express on a bid-to-bid basis, total return, tax default, in £s.

  • For clients requiring more sophisticated investments, we offer a whole of market choice and specialist services.

    • The Scottish Widows Pension Fund range has 150+ funds managed by 20+ leading fund management firms.
    • Our Fund Supermarket gives access to 2,900+ funds from over 100 different managers, with no minimum investment required.
    • Our online Portfolio Management Service helps you to create and manage your own ‘Adviser Portfolios’ from Scottish Widows Pension Funds and Fund Supermarket funds.
    • For more specialised needs, our services include Share Dealing and Discretionary Fund Management
  • We regularly review our products to make sure they deliver fair value and continue to meet the needs of their target market. We’ve developed statements to

    help with your due diligence process, including your regulatory disclosure requirements under Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFiD) and Insurance

    Distribution Directive (IDD)

    Please see Our Approach to MiFiD II for more information 

  • Our rigorous approach to governance includes oversight by an external, independent governance committee of investment experts.  

    • Our well-established internal governance framework is headed up by our Insurance Investment Strategy Committee and Unit-Linked Investment Management Committee.
    • Our Fund Manager Assessment team carry out due diligence on all our funds focusing on customers’ needs, our proposition and our governance framework. Read about their rigorous approach (PDF)
    • We use input from independent modelling experts such as Moody’s Analytics to help shape and review our multi-asset ranges.
  • Our decisions on asset allocation, manager selection, fund research and engagement activity are guided by our principles-based framework for responsible investment and stewardship.

    Read more about our Responsible Investment and Stewardship Framework  

    • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Your client’s Retirement Account can invest in a range of investments which carry different levels of risk.
    • Their value can go down as well as up, and may fall below the amount(s) paid in.

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