Our full range of investment options

Our full investment range offers a wide range of funds to choose from and the option of more sophisticated investment services, including model portfolios.

Our Investment Options


    • Three ranges to choose from – Premier Portfolio Funds, Retirement Portfolio Funds and Pension Portfolio Funds
    • Actively managed, independently risk rated multi-asset funds
    • Established track record supported by robust governance
    • Flexibility to blend and switch between funds.

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    • The Scottish Widows Pension Fund range of 150+ funds covers a wide range of asset classes and geographical areas, and is managed by 20+ leading fund management firms
    • No initial charge, no minimum investment required, and currently no charge for switching between our Pension Funds 
    • Includes a range of multi-asset Solution and Managed Funds, each with its own combination of risk and reward, giving access to a broad range of assets and fund managers.  Our Solution Funds have delivered risk-rated multi-manager performance since 2005, offering widely diversified investments.  Our multi-asset Managed Funds offer traditional managed fund solutions with the reassurance of an established performance track record. 

    For more details see:

    Scottish Widows Pension Funds Investor’s Guide (PDF)

    The Retirement Account Scottish Widows Pension Fund Charges (PDF)

    • Offers access to a range of funds from a variety of fund management groups.
    • Approximately 3,400 funds from over 140 different managers.
    • No initial charge, no minimum investment required, and currently no charge for switching between funds.

    For more details see:

    Fund Supermarket Investor's Guide (PDF)

    Fund Supermarket List and Charges (PDF) 

  • Our multi-asset and lifestyling options provide ‘light-touch’ investment solutions, covering a broad range of risk appetites, at low cost.

    • Pension Portfolio and Premier Pension Portfolio Funds are also key components of Governed Investment Strategies (GIS) and Premier Governed Investment Strategies (PGIS) lifestyling options.
    • GIS and PGIS are available to clients saving for retirement, and gradually move the account into lower risk investments as clients approach their selected retirement date.
    • Lifestyling strategies are available to suit different risk appetites and different retirement outcomes.
    • Premier Pension Portfolios and Premier GIS are more expensive than the equivalent Pension Portfolio versions, but aim to provide better potential growth for broadly the same level of volatility.
    • Pension Portfolio and Premier Pension Portfolio Funds are also available as stand-alone options.

    For more details see:

    Retirement account - Governed investment strategies (PDF)

    Retirement account - Premier Governed investment strategies (PDF)


    • Our online Portfolio Management Service helps you to create and manage your own ‘Adviser Portfolios’ from Scottish Widows Pension Funds and Fund Supermarket funds.
    • Can be used for any combination of the Scottish Widows and Fund Supermarket funds above, giving you the capability to create bespoke client portfolios.

Specialist investment services

    • Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) will construct an investment portfolio specific to your client’s requirements from a range of investments.
    • Utilising a DFM outsources the investment management and monitoring to a specialist, allowing you more time to focus on your client’s financial planning. This can increase the chances of generating good returns, improve efficiency and reduce business risk.
    • Our discretionary fund managers are:
      • Brewin Dolphin Limited
      • Brooks Macdonald
      • Cazenove Capital
      • Charles Stanley
      • Tilney Investment Management
      • Investec Wealth & Investment
      • Quilter Cheviot
      • Rathbone Investment Management.
    • More than one can be selected.

    Find application forms for each DFM

    Completed forms should be returned to the DFM directly and not to Scottish Widows. Please contact Tilney Investment Management directly for a copy of their form.

    For more details on DFMs see our services and charges guide (PDF)

    • We’ve teamed up with Stocktrade to allow your clients to buy and sell listed securities within their pension policy via a ‘Share Dealing account’.
    • Your clients can invest in securities traded on an HMRC recognised stock exchange, including securities and bonds, Government, public and local authority bonds, exchange traded funds listed on the London Stock Exchange or on the official list of a competent authority in another EEA state, and investment trusts including REITs.
    • You can access our Share Dealing platform, using your secure log in

    For more details see: Share Dealing Guide (PDF)

    • Retirement Account clients can invest in one existing business premises or other commercial property, subject to our approval, and before they are 65, provided there’s at least 10 years until their selected retirement date.
    • The property must have a minimum value of £100,000 and will be purchased and held by Scottish Widows Limited.

    For more details see: Commercial Property Administration Guide (PDF)

    • Aims to provide an alternative to cash funds and the Control Account for clients who want more certainty and wish to avoid the impact of market volatility. 
    • Offers a fixed rate of interest on competitive terms negotiated with authorised deposit-takers.
    • Tranches made available from time to time – please note no tranche is currently available.

    For more details see: Retirement Account Fixed Term Cash Deposit Guide

    *Fixed Term Cash Deposit it currently not available as an investment option under Retirement Account


  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Your client’s Retirement Account can invest in a range of investments which carry different levels of risk.
  • Their value can go down as well as up, and may fall below the amount(s) paid in.
  • Where investments are held on deposit, such as a Control Account or a Fixed Term Cash Deposit, there is a possibility that the provider(s) of those deposits may fail to meet their obligations. However, we believe there is only a small risk that some or all of the value of that investment would be lost.
  • Some investments, such as property, can take longer to buy and sell than others. This may delay switching between investments and when benefits or any transfer payments can be taken.

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