Fund reporting hub

Key multi-asset fund reports, market insight and investment governance.

Multi-asset portfolio funds quarterly reports

Updates on fund performance, asset allocation and market commentary.

Pension Portfolio Funds - passive, cost-effective and established

Pension Portfolio Funds quarterly report (PDF)


Premier Pension Portfolio Funds - broad diversification, varied strategies 

Premier Funds quarterly report (PDF)


Retirement Portfolio Funds - volatility management for Drawdown

Retirement Portfolio Funds quarterly performance update (PDF)


Pension Investment Approaches - lifestyling for Workplace pension schemes

Pension Investment Approaches: Quarterly factsheet (PDF)


Governed Investment Strategies - lifestyling for Retirement Account

GIS Performance factsheet (PDF)

Other key reports and updates

A range of items keeping you up to date with our investments and the markets.

Strategic Asset Allocation Reviews

2020 PIA Review (PDF)

2020 Pension Portfolio Funds and Retirement Portfolio Funds Review (PDF)

PIA glidepath review (PDF)


Weekly Volatility: Retirement Portfolio Funds - weekly update on our Dynamic Volatility Management (DVM) process

Dynamic Volatility Management status (PDF)


Monthly market update - sharing our insight on the wider markets

Market Update: Latest summary of Market Conditions (PDF)


Fundstalk - topical news and insight from our investment experts

Latest Edition of Fundstalk


Latest investment bulletins - catching up on Scottish Widows investment updates

Market Outlook 2020

Fund Range Update Medium-Term Asset Allocation Within Scottish Widows' Multi-Asset Pension Fund Ranges

Retirement Portfolio Funds One Year Anniversary report

Regular reports

Fund updates

Investment Governance

The work we do to help keep our investment options on track and suitable for your clients.

Governance summary - a quick overview of our governance approach

The Reassurance of Robust Governance (PDF)


Latest governance reporting - all the latest governance news and reporting

Governance updates and approach


Key investment governance teams - how two key teams keep on top of crucial investment elements

Fund Manager Assessment (PDF)

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