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Our tools and calculators help you review your clients' policies and show your clients how you can add value.

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Review funds, fund factsheets and prices. Compare and analyse funds and keep track of their performance. This tool now includes all our Fund Supermarket funds.

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Retirement account comparison tool

Compare your clients’ current pension plans with the fund that could be available if it was switched to Scottish Widows Retirement Account.

Compare with usTakes you to our comparison tool for retirement accounts


This tool can help you explain to your client why you’re recommending Scottish Widows Retirement Account and you can use it to produce a client suitability letter.

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Retirement Account Top Up Tool

This interactive tool can help you show your clients the potential benefits of adding additional contributions into their pension.

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Client review report

We want to help you save time, by giving you the information you need, so you can focus on your client conversations. This report will help you do this.

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Income sustainability calculator

Helps you to assess the sustainability of different levels of income in retirement.

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Retirement Income Shortfall Calculator

See whether your client will reach their retirement income goals with their present pension plans, pension payments and other assets.

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Salary Exchange calculator

Run scheme-specific individual or multiple outputs that you can use with employers and employees to show the savings provided by our Salary Sacrifice/Exchange option.

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Retirement Analysis Platform

This platform gives you access to our Retirement Income Shortfall calculator, our Lifetime Allowance calculator and our Salary and Bonus Sacrifice calculator.

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Salary, Dividend and Pension Calculator

This tool shows the potential tax consequences of receiving various amounts of salary, dividends and employer pension contributions.

Calculate tax (.xls)Downloads Excel spreadsheet

Carry Forward Calculator - 2020/2021

This tool calculates unused annual allowances, the effect of the tapered annual allowance and the maximum a client can pay into their pension, for the current tax year, without exceeding their annual allowance.

Calculate Carry Forward (.xls)Downloads Excel spreadsheet

​​Available Lifetime Allowance Tool

Calculate allowance (.xls)Downloads Excel spreadsheet

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See our Retirement Account

Save for retirement and take retirement income from the same flexible plan.

Retirement Account

Our workplace savings proposition

Our flexible propositions to support different employers and complement the work of advisers.

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