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Securing a lifelong income

There’s a new post-pension freedoms focus on using annuities as one element of a client’s retirement income package. In light of this, we consider the technical aspects of annuity options.

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We show in 3 case studies how extended guaranteed payment periods or dependant’s income can help to balance secure retirement income with the provision of death benefits.

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We consider whether Flexi-Access Drawdown (FAD) will be the most suitable solution for customers throughout their lifetime; or whether factors including mortality drag mean they should consider an annuity at some point.

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Find out how we’re making it easier to do business with us through our support and expertise. 

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Annuities adviser guide

Read our detailed adviser guide on Scottish Widows Annuities.

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Individual Annuities

Our Standard and Enhanced Annuities are available to both new and existing customers.

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Underwriting support - enhanced annuity

We look at the key underwriting considerations to see if your client can qualify for an enhanced annuity.

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Digital signatures

Find out more about how we are making annuity applications easier with digital signatures.

Individual Annuities

Helping you engage with the next generation of your client's families and future proof your business.

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ANNUITY DEATH BENEFITS, Options to suit your clients needs

We look at an outline of the different death benefits available at outset on an annuity and how you can choose annuity death benefits to meet your clients specific needs.

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Developing a centralised retirement proposition

Read more on client suitability when considering developing a CRP with an Annuity.

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Our article outlines how the security and dependability of annuities could benefit your clients and protect their retirement income through market volatility.

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In this case study we illustrate how combining Flexi-Access Drawdown and annuities can provide retirement income for clients requiring both flexibility and security.

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Meeting customers' retirement needs

Whatever your customers' circumstances, Scottish Widows is well placed to fulfill their retirement income needs. We can provide the income flexibility of drawdown, the guaranteed income of an annuity, or a combination of both.

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