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To support you and your clients through these challenging times we have a firmly established process in place enabling our customer service colleagues to work remotely. Our phone lines are open to support you and your clients, and all of our processes are fully operational. Please use our online services wherever possible to help us keep our phone service free for our most vulnerable customers.

There are different ways to access our Online Services, for Retirement AccountProtection and Workplace. If you're not already registered there are some additional steps you may need to complete, please visit Accessing our Online Services for guidance.


    How Retirement Account can support you online

    The table below and our interactive guide show what you can do online. In the majority of cases you can submit online without any requirement for client signature.

    A small number of exceptions may require submission of paperwork e.g. third party contribution and discharge form for non-Origo transfers.

    Transact Online


    Get Support

    New business

    Illustrate and apply online 


    Illustrate and apply online, without a client wet signature, for new planning or drawdown.

    How to set up a new Retirement Account for your client Guide - interactive pdf


    How to set up a new Retirement Account for your client Guide - printable pdf


    Top up and transfers

    Existing client increments


    Single and regular increments and transfers without the need for a client signature.

    How to do Top ups and Transfers Guide - interactive pdf


    How to do Top ups and Transfers Guide - printable pdf


    Manage Investments

    Switch, Buy & Sell


    Buy, sell and switch Scottish Widows Pension Funds and Fund Supermarket funds. We don’t need a wet signature for this request.

    Managing your Clients’ Investments Online Guide


    End State Switching


    Restructure your clients’ funds. Define your clients’ desired portfolio from Scottish Widows pension funds and Fund Supermarket - our systems calculate the sells, switches and buys required to create this ‘end state’. 

    Managing your Clients’ Investments Online Guide


    Portfolio Management Service


    Create and manage your own model portfolios.
    - manage clients with similar investment aims and objectives consistently. 
    Available for Scottish Widows Pension Funds and Fund Supermarket funds.

    PMS Adviser Guide  

    Client Reporting

    Policy values


    Find and view client information so you can manage all your existing business.
    Make policy enquiries and valuations.
    View contribution and transaction history.
    Full asset analysis.

    How to view Client Information and Use our Online Reports Guide - interactive pdf


    How to view Client Information and Use our Online Reports Guide - printable pdf


    Contribution & Investment History


    Full Asset Analysis


    Dripfeed Drawdown

    New clients: Illustrate and apply online


    Dripfeed Drawdown allows clients to draw regular amounts of tax-free cash or a mix of tax-free cash and taxable income.


    Accessing Income with the Drip Feed Drawdown Option Guide



    Existing clients:
    Illustrate online, apply by phone, email or letter

    By phone: 
    please call us for other requests, such as requesting income for clients, amending premiums or to make a change of address.

  • New Business Dashboard

    Many queries can be managed online through the New Business Dashboard which is updated daily, allowing you to do most of your administration online rather than by phone. Please use the New Business Dashboard instead of calling us. This is the quickest way to complete your request and may make it easier for you to manage your business.

    Here’s a reminder of what you can do on the New Business Dashboard

    -       See live tracking comments, linked policies & applications, and application history.

    -       Access full policy information, outstanding actions and underwriting decisions.

    -       Search, check, filter and export information all in one place.

    To see how you can benefit from using the New Business Dashboard, watch this video 

    How to use the New Business Dashboard step by step guide

    Log in to access the New Business Dashboard 

    If you’ve not registered, you can do that here

    Underwriting medical evidence

    Due to the current pressure on NHS and GP surgery resources we understand you may have concerns on how this could impact medical evidence requirements. To reassure you, we’re looking at alternatives to alleviate the situation:

    • Wherever possible, we are exploring alternative methods of gathering evidence from GPs. This may include phoning clients or writing to them to get additional information.
    •  We are aware that some clients are understandably reluctant to attend nurse or doctor screenings, and wherever possible we will look to replace screenings with alternative evidence, such as a GPR.

    In many instances it will still be necessary to seek further information from a GP or attend screenings, particularly in respect of non-medical limits. We are continuing to work with our third party medical provider to look at alternative methods of undertaking screenings.

  • We appreciate your ongoing support at this time. You can access client information online here.

    Additionally, our Employer digital service offers the ability to:

    • make monthly or ad-hoc single payments in
    • add new employees and remove leavers
    • bulk-upload new employees
    • view employee level payment history
    • access scheme level information and MI
    • reset their own passwords, and superusers can manage other colleagues’ access.

    Our Employee digital service allows members to:

    • register and gain access immediately, and reset their own password
    • view the value of their pension pot
    • use our planner tool to help them understand the impact of payment changes on their future pot
    • review their payment history details, make single payments in and change payments
    • change their personal details
    • see information on their investments and change them
    • add nomination of beneficiaries through an online journey.

    If your enquiry can’t be answered by our online services, please contact us here


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