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Workplace savings

We offer investment flexibility, to make sure you and your clients can access a range of investment choices to suit different needs:

  • Scottish Widows Managed Solutions – our fully governed investment solution
  • Tailored Investment Solutions – design your own investment strategy

Scottish Widows Managed Solution (SWMS)

Your clients can choose to offer their employee’s access to SWMS, which is our fully governed investment solution.  This uses our Pension Investment Approaches (PIA) and provides a standard default option, a range of other lifestyle solutions and access to a range of self-select funds.

Employees can elect to stay in the default option, they can actively choose to move into one of the alternative lifestyle options or be more hands-on and choose from the range of self-select funds currently available within their scheme. This choice is designed to support employees with varying investment knowledge and needs, and should they wish to move from lifestyles to self-select funds, information is provided to help them decide whether it’s the right decision, helping to protect their retirement outcomes.

Extending our self-select sustainable and thematic fund options

We’re building a suite of sustainable and thematic funds. This will give employees ample choice to tailor their pension investments to match their values and beliefs.

We’ve kicked off this initiative by overhauling our environmental fund so it continues to meet members’ expectations of modern sustainable investing.

SW Environment Fund (PDF, 2MB)

We’ll be adding more sustainable and thematic funds to our self-select range. 

Tailored Investment Solutions

Whether you want to offer client specific lifestyle strategies and funds, or build blended funds as components for a default lifestyle strategy that can be offered to multiple clients, we have the experience and operational expertise to deliver what you’re looking for in workplace savings.

If you decide to offer your clients tailored investment solution, the governance responsibility will sit with you and your clients.

Get in touch to discuss the best investment solutions for you and your clients.

Our Responsible Investment and Stewardship Framework

We've introduced our Six Principles of Responsible Investment and Stewardship Commitments to guide our decisions on asset allocation, manager selection, fund research and engagement activity.

Find out more about our approach to Responsible Investment

Strategic Asset Allocation Enhancements

Read about the latest changes to our Pension Investment Approaches (PIA), which aim to deliver improved expected investment returns for members, for unchanged downside risk and at no additional charge.

Read about the latest changes.

Integrating ESG considerations into our default pension solution

We’re embracing responsible investment practices in our aim to deliver good investment outcomes for customers. This allows us to manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and returns in a more effective way in the funds we offer. 

We’re investing where we can in companies we believe are making a difference on ESG grounds, and working with other companies we invest in to help them evolve into more sustainable businesses. We’re also excluding companies which we believe pose too much of an investment risk due to the nature of their businesses.

Find out more in our guide (PDF, 547KB). 

Read about the BlackRock ACS Climate Transition World Equity Fund (PDF, 2MB)

ESG – what resonates with pension investors (PDF, 1MB)

Helping you and your clients

Helping you and your clients

We want to do everything we can to help your clients achieve what they need from their pension plan.  Get in touch to see how we can help.

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