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Designed to pay a cash lump sum or monthly income should the person covered die, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our Life Cover is part of our flexible menu plan. Choose a combination of covers with different amounts and terms, which can evolve to meet your clients’ and their businesses’ changing needs.

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Key benefits 

  • 5 year renewable cover option and business specific Guaranteed Insurability Options, so cover can increase without further medical underwriting.
  • Scottish Widows Care, with RedArc, gives long-term practical advice and emotional support to policyholders and their families, from day one.
  • Free Accidental Death cover while we process your clients’ applications.
  • Free Replacement Cover on all joint life policies. Terminal Illness Cover included at no extra cost.

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Key details

Key benefits

Basis of cover

  • Level - available as a lump sum or monthly income benefit.
  • Increasing - available as a lump sum or monthly income benefit. The sum assured will increase each year in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI). The increases will be at least 2% up to a maximum of 10%.
  • Decreasing - available as a lump sum. Your client can select an interest rate between 0% and 18%.

Minimum Term

  • Level and Increasing - 1 year
  • Decreasing - 3 years

Minimum age when cover starts


Maximum age when cover starts


Maximum age when cover finishes

90 next birthday

Minimum Sum Assured


Maximum Sum Assured

  • Level and Decreasing - £25,000,000
  • Increasing - £15,000,000 (annual increases are allowed up to a total of £30,000,000)

Minimum Income Benefit

£5,000 per year

Maximum Income Benefit

  • Level - £1,500,000 per year
  • Increasing - £1,000,000 per year



Key documents

Policy Summary document (PDF, 3MB)

Data capture form (PDF, 2KB)

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Our Life Cover also has

  • Terminal Illness Cover is automatically included and is payable if the life assured has a definite diagnosis by the attending Consultant of an illness that satisfies both of the following:

    • The illness either has no known cure or has progressed to the point where it cannot be cured; and
    • In the opinion of the attending Consultant, the illness is expected to lead to death within 12 months.

    Once the sum assured has been paid Life Cover will end and no more premiums will be collected.

  • Up to 90 days' Free Accidental Death Cover is automatically included and starts from the date we receive your client’s fully completed application form. Free Accidental Death Cover continues until the acceptance, decline or postponement of the application, 90 days have passed or the date a claim is made, whichever is earlier.

    In the event of a claim we will pay the sum assured applied for or £250,000, whichever is lower. The claim received must meet the claims criteria for both Free Accidental Death Cover and for Life Cover under the policy applied for.

    For full details regarding Free Accidental Death Cover, including eligibility and exclusions please see our leaflet (PDF, 342KB).

  • Renewable Cover is a 5 year level term cover with the option to apply indexation (ie the sum assured will increase each year in line with RPI). When the initial term ends options exist to renew for a further 5 years without any further underwriting.

    For full details regarding our Renewable Cover please see our Policy Summary (PDF, 3MB).

  • This option allows your client to increase the sum assured in certain circumstances without further underwriting provided the original cover was issued on our standard terms. Your client can use their Guaranteed Insurability Option when any of the following events occur:

    • Change in value of key person
    • Change in value of partnership
    • Change in shareholding
    • Change in value of business loan
    • Promotion or salary increase.

    For full details regarding Guaranteed Insurability Options including eligibility, restrictions and limits please see our Policy Provisions (PDF, 180KB).

  • Replacement Cover is automatically included on all Life Cover policies set up on a joint life basis. In the event of a claim this option allows the surviving life assured to take out a new single life policy for the remaining term of their original policy without the need for further underwriting

    When exercising this option, your client must apply for the policy within 3 months from the date we paid the claim. The original terms and conditions will apply to the new policy, the only difference will be the premiums – they’ll be based on the rates, the life assured's age and the remaining policy term at the time the replacement policy is taken out.

  • Premium Protection protects your client’s policy premiums so that they are paid if they suffer an illness, disability or accident which leaves them unable to work. This option can only be added at the time the policy is taken out at an extra cost. It can be removed at any time but can’t be added in again once it has been removed.

    The minimum age when cover starts is 18, the maximum age that cover starts is 60.

    In the event of a claim we will start to pay the premiums for the policy holder after 26 weeks and continue to pay the premiums until the policy holder returns to work, reaches age 70, or the policy ends, whichever is sooner.

    Cover will end 26 weeks before the policy holder’s 70th birthday (if payments are already being made as part of a claim these will continue to be made until the 70th birthday). For Joint Life cases Premium Protection can be selected for one or both lives (cover stops for both lives when the older person reaches age 70).

    Premium Protection is not available on a life of another basis.

    For full details regarding Premium Protection please see our Policy Provisions (PDF, 180KB).

  • Scottish Widows Care, provided in partnership with RedArc, gives the person covered and their family access to practical advice and emotional support from the day the policy starts and for as long as it’s needed. See how we support your clients.

  • Our protection policies are flexible and can be adapted at any time during the policy term. This flexibility means your clients can apply to make changes to their cover as their protection needs change without having to cancel the existing cover first.

    Our protection policies are also portable. Where two people have policies within the same plan, they have the option to split the plan and move policies into a new plan should they wish.

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