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To support you and your clients through these challenging times we have a firmly established process in place enabling our customer service colleagues to work remotely. Our phone lines are open to support you and your clients, and all of our processes are fully operational. Please use our online services wherever possible to help us keep our phone service free for our most vulnerable customers.

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You can contact our web support team, but many issues can be solved by our online help centre.

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  • Scottish Widows Existing business and increments
    Telephone 0345 716 6777
    Post Scottish Widows
    PO Box 24171
    69 Morrison Street
    EH3 1HL
    Clerical Medical Existing business and increments

    0345 606 2266

    Post Clerical Medical
    PO Box 24165
    69 Morrison Street
    EH3 1HD
    Commission Support Department
    Telephone 0345 758 1638
    Email Commission.mailbox@scottishwidows.co.uk
    Investment Bond for policies starting with BNSC/BNWC/BNRC/BRWC
    Telephone 0345 716 6756 (for policy information only).
    Post Scottish Widows
    PO Box 24175
    69 Morrison Street
    EH3 1HR
  • Existing business and increments - All other Scottish Widows ISAs, OEICs and Unit trusts

    Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers - SWUTM
    Post Scottish Widows
    PO Box 24171
    69 Morrison Street
    EH3 1HL
    Telephone 0345 300 2244
    HBOS Investment Fund Managers Ltd - HIFML
    Post Scottish Widows Share Classes
    HBOS Investment Fund
    Managers Ltd
    PO BOX 24167
    69 Morrison Street
    EH3 1HF
    Telephone 0345 366 1513


Scottish Widows Bank


  • To discuss further media enquiries in more detail please contact either of the team below:

    Kevin Brown
    Senior Media Relations Manager

    Telephone: 07500 910904
    Email: kevin.brown@lloydsbanking.com

  • For all web support queries  
    Telephone 03457 697888
    Email websupport@scottishwidows.co.uk
    Online Help and support 
    Frequently asked questions on registration, log in, eServices and Unipass

    For product related queries including new quotes/illustrations please contact the relevant product area. For all other Adviser site enquiries, listed below, contact web support.

    Registration queries
    • Help in the registration process
    • Adviserwise and Unipass
    • Terms of business
    • Look at our registration FAQs

    Log in queries
    • User name and password questions
    • Unipass/DC issues
    • Locked out
    • Look at our log in FAQs

    Technical problems
    • Tool/calculator not working
    • Unable to subscribe to newsletters
    • Unable to do an illustration/application/share dealing etc.
    • Error page appears

    General website queries
    • I cannot find a page on the site
    • How do I retrieve my illustration/application?
    • I cannot find a piece of literature on the site

    Literature order queries
    • Help ordering literature

    Online Services and 3rd party queries
  • Telephone For general enquiries or to have your call transferred to specific department, please call us on 0131 655 6000

    Scottish Widows Limited

    PO Box 24171

    69 Morrison Street


    EH3 1HL