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  • There are different ways to access our Online Services, and some steps you'll need to complete if you're not already registered.

    Refer to Accessing our Online Services (PDF, 2MB) for guidance.

  • Quickly produce pre-sales quotes either directly from our Adviser Extranet or from leading industry portals.


    • Create, retrieve, edit and submit Scottish Widows Protect quotes.
    • Quickly produce single or multi-benefit quotes.
    • Single life, joint-life and/or Life of Another Personal protection quotes.
    • Single life and/or multi-life Business protection quotes.

    Get a Quote

    Whether you've got your Scottish Widows Protect quotes from a portal, or directly from ourselves, you can retrieve your quote from our Scottish Widows Protect eServices. You can then opt to either add additional lives and/or extra types of covers and, once you've agreed with your clients, to then progress these into an application and ultimately get your clients' protection needs met.

    We'll ask you to:

    • give us the details of the life, or lives, to be covered
    • specify the types of cover for each of the life / lives assured
    • decide what type of remuneration you require.

    Once we have this, we'll provide you with an indicative cost of cover which is guaranteed for 30 days. When that period runs out, and no changes to the original quote have been made, the quote will expire and you’ll need to produce a new quote in order to proceed.

    Once you and your client have decided on which quote to progress, you can quickly move this on to the application stage.

      More about portals

    A portal gives you access to online quotes and applications for a wide range of products from most leading product providers. You can get single company quotes and/or comparative quotes for protection products from these sites.

    Find out more about portals

    User guides

    User guides

  • Quickly turn quotes into applications and submit underwriting responses.


    • No client wet signatures required.
    • Complete online applications while with clients or by Data Capture Form.
    • Responses to underwriting questions completed online.
    • Use Proposal Tracking to monitor progress of applications.

    Apply now 

    Once you and your client have decided upon which quote to progress, you can move this into the application stage of our online journey where we'll ask you to:

    • confirm your, and your client's, acceptance of our online declarations
    • tell us who the plan owner will be and to give us some client contact details
    • input your client’s responses to our underwriting questions.

    If your client won’t be with you when you complete the online application, use our Data Capture Form to record your client’s application responses. This form mirrors our online process enabling you to key this information online later without you having to go back to your client for further details.

    It's essential that all answers given by your client to support an application are done so honestly and in full. If answers are later found out to be incorrect or incomplete, this could result in us not paying out in the event of a claim.

    User guides

    User guides

    Personal protection applications
    Business protection applications
  • Features

    • Tailored underwriting questions; we only ask the necessary and relevant questions.
    • Financial underwriting included.
    • Underwriting decisions clearly set out.
    • Options for rated applications to help prevent 'no go' scenarios.

    Underwriting decisions

    The aim of our online underwriting is to provide your clients with instant decisions and access to immediate cover. Once you've submitted your client's underwriting responses, we'll provide you with the relevant underwriting decision.  


    In instances where we have to exclude some critical illnesses, there can be an associated reduction in the cost of cover as a result.

    Additional information required

    Should we have to ask for evidence, an individual case owner will be assigned and we'll only ever ask for the information we need in order to make a decision. When a decision can be made, we'll get in touch with you by phone or email to confirm this. You can then retrieve the application online and proceed as you and your client have decided to.

    You and your client have up to 90 days from the date terms are offered to decide how to proceed. So should you and your client need to review the situation before deciding how best to proceed, you'll both have the time to do this without being pressured to make a quick decision.

    Proposal tracking

    Use our Proposal Tracking service to monitor the progress of any applications that we're taking care of for you, for example if we've had to contact your client's GP for supplementary medical information. You'll be able to see details of application histories and also see when a case is ready to proceed.

  • Complete applications and get your clients protected.


    • Quickly set up cover payment details.
    • Choose to start cover immediately or at a future date.
    • Set application trust flag.
    • Plan documentation automatically released.

    These are the final steps of our online Protection journey - once completed, an application will be live and your client's protection needs covered by their new Scottish Widows Protection plan. We'll ask you to:

    • tell us who will be paying for the cost of cover.
    • confirm when the plan is to start from.
    • indicate whether the plan is to be placed under trust.

    Like the rest of our application process, you can either complete these details online while with your client (either in person or over the phone) or, if you've used our Data Capture Form, you’ll already have this information and be ready to proceed on risk.

    User guides

    User guides

    • Going on Risk - 6.04 mins
      Application submitted and underwriting outcome accepted? See how to finish your application and get your clients protected.

    Use our new business dashboard to search for and monitor progress of all your protection business as it travels through the online application and underwriting stages. You can also access your clients’ policy documents.

    Our new business dashboard enables you to:

    • see when an application is ready for you to place on risk
    • determine any action needed to progress your application by taking you straight to the point where action is needed
    • monitor the progress of any application that we’re taking care of for you; for example, if we need to contact your client’s GP for supplementary medical information
    • download, save or print your clients’ policy documents.

    User guides

    User guides

  • View plan information and quote for additional levels/types of cover.


    • Quickly quote for additional client cover(s).
    • Quote for sums assured below our new business minimums.
    • View details of in-force and in-progress client covers.
    • At-a-glance view of total in-force cover cost.

    Once your client's initial cover is up and running, we know that you may need to come back and add additional types and/or levels of cover as their circumstances change. Our protection menu plan means that all your clients' Scottish Widows Protect covers are in one place so you can view these without having to remember multiple plan or policy numbers.

    You can:

    • easily view all your client's in-force covers to quickly assess their current protection status
    • quickly quote for additional covers using existing client details
    • access relevant forms and documents.

    Every year we will also issue out an annual plan summary to you and your client that summarises the cover they have in place. This gives you the opportunity to revisit your clients to review their protection needs and build an ongoing relationship.


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