Scottish Widows Care and further support

Protection can offer your clients more than just financial peace of mind. That’s why, with Scottish Widows Protect, you can have the confidence that your clients truly have end to end support from the day their policy starts. Scottish Widows Care, provided by RedArc, can help support your client conversations by highlighting the immediate benefits of protection. Our ongoing communications with you and your clients, along with our retention approach, further help you protect your clients and run your business.

Support, right from the start

Keeping clients covered

A strong pay-out record

  • Keep your clients informed

    Each year we send you and your clients a statement of benefits summarising the cover they have in place. This gives details of the cover in your clients’ plan, what the cover costs, details of Scottish Widows Care and useful contact information.

    How it helps

    This gives your client a timely and tangible reminder of the important cover they have, and gives you the opportunity to review your clients’ protection needs, remind them of the value of advice and build an ongoing relationship with them.

    Scottish Widows Protect plans are flexible and can be adapted to meet your clients’ changing needs. Using the Annual Plan Summary as a basis for your discussions can help identify if the protection that your clients currently have in place is still appropriate, or if changes need to be made. The Annual Plan Summary also encourages your clients to speak to you if their circumstances have changed.

    The opportunity

    •  A timely and tangible reminder of valuable cover.
    •  A chance to review your clients’ needs.
    •  An opportunity to strengthen ongoing relationships.

    What else do I need to know about the Annual Plan Summary?

    The Annual Plan Summary is produced on the anniversary date of when your client’s application was started and may be different to the actual start date of the policy.

    If your client has a policy that includes the indexation option, although the option will show on the annual plan summary, the new premium may not. This is because the summary may be generated before the increase will be applied.

    An indexation letter is issued eight weeks before the anniversary of the actual start date of the policy, not the application started date. The letter gives your client advance notice of their revised premium and sum assured.

    There may be a cross-over of letters, and on occasion the Annual Plan Summary will show the original premium and sum assured which will be different to the indexation letter. Both letters will be correct at the time they are issued.

    Download our timeline document (PDF 92KB)

  • Retaining clients

    We have a bespoke, proactive retention strategy designed with the aim of keeping your clients protected. Our Business Development Managers can work with you to embed value into your protection sales, identifying potential growth and development areas as well as flagging any issues.

    How it helps

    We have a specialist team that includes call handlers experienced in dealing with clients who have missed a payment or cancelled their direct debit.

    Their focus is on the quality of the conversations they have with clients, not the number of calls they make. You can be sure that each call handler has the time to focus on what the client is saying and to work with them to identify any areas of concern, for example cost, or confusion over what they’re covered for. We see our team as support for you, helping to keep your business on the books.

    Our retention strategy is a practical and effective solution to the problem of lapses and loss of client engagement and our success in retaining clients speaks for itself.

    What we do

    • Identify patterns of high lapse or cancellation rates and work with you to build stronger business foundations.
    • Issue annual plan summaries to you and your clients, giving you an opportunity to revisit and review their protection needs and build ongoing relationships.
    •  We’ll write to your client to let them know they’ve missed a premium and we’ll also email you. You may want to get in contact with your client about this.

    What happens when a policy lapses?

    We’ll provide clients with every opportunity to keep their protection in place and, as well as talking to them, we will also write to them to encourage them to call us to discuss their premium payments.

    As part of the overall support we provide to you and your clients, we’ll let you know the outcome of any conversations we have with your clients, whether this is positive and we are able to keep the policy in place, or whether the client still wishes to cancel their policy. If this happens we’ll let you know the reason your client has decided to cancel.

    We allow 110 days before we will lapse a policy and a number of letters are issued automatically to clients over that period to remind and encourage them to pay any missed premiums, so they can continue to stay protected. 

    Download our policy lapse timeline (PDF 41KB) to see what our customer engagement team will do if your client misses a premium.

Support from day one

All Scottish Widows Protect policies come with Scottish Widows Care, provided in partnership with RedArc, at no extra cost from the day the policy starts. RedArc is an independent organisation which has helped over 37,000 individuals and their families through serious illness, chronic health conditions, bereavement and disabilities.

RedArc has a team of Personal Nurses who are all highly experienced and qualified nurses with a wide range of specialised and general medical knowledge.

The services they provide include long-term practical advice and emotional support for any serious physical or mental illness, bereavement, trauma or disability. Relevant resources, signposting and a wide range of services to help are available such as: therapies, counselling, second medical opinion and practical help at home.

From 22nd March 2021 Scottish Widows Protect policies also come with access to the Clinic in a PocketTM mobile app provided by Square Health with 24/7 GP appointments and prescription delivery services.


Image supporting 'Journey Handled with Care' content

Supporting your clients at every step of the journey

Watch our short film to find out more about the full range of Care benefits and how additional support services can benefit your clients in their time of need.

You can find out more in our Scottish Widows Care Interactive sales aid (PDF 22MB)

Personal Nurses

The RedArc Personal Nurses give people the practical advice and emotional support that helps transform their whole experience of illness, disability, trauma or bereavement. By listening, empathising and taking time to get to know people properly, they’re able to offer a comprehensive and compassionate service with a simple goal - to make lives easier and better.

The Personal Nurse best suited to your client’s needs is assigned after the first phone call and the same Personal Nurse remains with them for as long and as often as needed. They can also help your clients decide if a second medical opinion would be of benefit. They can then arrange a face to face consultation with a UK Consultant Specialist and offer support and guidance both before and after the consultation.

With business protection, they can work with companies to offer support to co-workers in the event of a bereavement, advise a business on how to support an employee who may choose to work through treatment for ill health, or help a person return to work following their recovery from illness.

Image supporting RedArc case study

Clinic in a PocketTM: GP Services and Free Repeat Prescription Delivery by Square Health

Clinic in a PocketTM makes it easy for your clients and their immediate families to get a GP appointment on a 24/7 basis within an average of 4 hours. 

Visiting a busy NHS surgery could be hard for customers with busy lives, those isolating or with mobility issues. 

Clinic in a PocketTM gives customers an opportunity to access the service when it’s convenient for them:

  • Customers, their spouses and partners, and children under 18 can have unlimited appointments, each within a 15 minute slot (subject to fair use policy).
  • Consultations can complement existing NHS treatment, for example to discuss a diagnosis.
  • Opportunity to upload a photo before the appointment.
  • Details of the consultation are available to the user who can then ensure secure forward transmission of the information to their GP or other treating practitioner.
  • Electronic ‘fit notes’ can be provided from the GP where relevant, at a cost to the user of £15.
  • If a face to face specialist referral is needed, it can be made by the GP at a cost of £15.
  • Private prescriptions can be issued following a consultation, where it is considered clinically appropriate. There will be no charge for issuing the prescription but the cost to the user will vary with the cost of medicine.
  • GPs will generally explain (where considered clinically appropriate) if an over the counter alternative is available and all prescriptions provided on the service are audited to ensure that Square Health’s prescribing policy is followed.
  • A repeat prescription will not necessitate another consultation unless clinically appropriate.
  • Repeat prescriptions can be delivered free to your client's door.

Once their policy is fully active your clients will receive access to the Square Health mobile app and their Scottish Widows Protect registration details in their welcome pack. If they need any help with the app, registration or GP services their welcome pack explains how they can get that support from Square Health.

Square Health work to the highest clinical standards and have been noted as “outstanding” for patient safety by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission*.


*Source: Care Quality Commission

You can find out more about Clinic in a Pocket (PDF 1MB).

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Talking to your clients about Care

Scottish Widows Care gives you another reason to talk to your clients about Scottish Widows Protect. This added value benefit complements our inclusive underwriting philosophy, strong claims record and commitment to ongoing communication with our policyholders through our Annual Plan Summaries.

The following items can be used with your clients to help explain the benefits of Care

Scottish Widows Care Film 

Scottish Widows Care Leaflet (PDF 2MB)


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Scottish Widows provides RedArc and Cinic in a PocketTM services at no extra cost, they are not a core benefit of the plan. These services can be amended, replaced or withdrawn at any time.

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