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Providing retirement income solutions to reflect different client needs. Here you'll find all the latest insight and guidance on how our income drawdown and annuity offerings could help create a sustainable income in retirement.

Watch our short film to see how retirement income needs are changing.

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The Retirement Wave shows the move from work to retirement is no longer a single, one way event. It's a much more flexible journey.

Read more about The Retirement Wave (PDF, 157KB)

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Meeting customer needs in retirement

When it comes to retirement income, there’ll always be different customer needs. Guaranteed income is important, ensuring the essentials are covered and providing peace of mind.

So too is flexibility, allowing for changing or unexpected income needs.  

Regular client reviews are essential in understanding and meeting your clients’ needs  – Take a look at our review checklist to support your conversations (PDF, 550KB)

Where clients remain invested in retirement, adopting a Centralised Retirement Proposition (CRP) can help you provide a structured and governed approach – Discover our detailed guide for further support (PDF, 4MB)

Capacity for loss

Recent market uncertainty and the rising cost of living has brought into sharp focus the impact on those taking retirement income and assessing individual client’s capacity for loss. 

Our article explains why embedding capacity for loss into your client advice process can play a valuable role in delivering better outcomes for your retirement income clients.

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Check how market volatility is currently impacting the Dynamic Volatility Management (DVM) process in our Retirement Portfolio Funds.

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Drip Feed Drawdown (DFD) can help provide a tax- efficient income, helping to make your  clients' pension pots last longer. 

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Annuities offer longevity insurance, by providing a guaranteed retirement income for life.

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Combining Flexible-Access Drawdown and Annuities can provide retirement income for your clients that need both flexibility and security.

Retirement Account

Retirement Account

A flexible pension plan that supports your clients to and through retirement.

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For those looking for a guaranteed income for life.

Individual Annuities