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We have partnered with Schroders as it has leading asset management capabilities, a stable investment team and philosophy, and experience across multiple asset classes.

About Schroders​

As a global investment manager Schroders actively and responsibly manages investments for a wide range of institutions and individuals to help them meet their financial goals as they change over time, with a long history of investing for retirement. Its focus on doing the right thing for clients, its people and wider society lies at the centre of its culture. It is committed to delivering positive outcomes for all.

Can emerging Europe close the performance gap?

Across the world, we wait in hope and anticipation for a vaccine for Covid-19. Financial markets reflect optimism that one will soon be found, and that the economic recovery will sustain. Emerging European stocks are cheap. So why have they lagged the rally in global equities?

We select thought-provoking articles from Schroders’ investment experts which we think will be of interest, and share them with you here on a regular basis.

Trump or Biden – should investors really care?

Politics can create short term noise. But if you can withstand the volatility, it’s best to sit on your hands and wait for it to pass according to Schroders. Although the market likes to focus on events like elections, political trends tend to play out over months and years.

What are the implications of mounting government debt post-Covid?

Government debt levels have grown significantly due to the support measures in response to Covid-19. How this is managed in future will have ramifications for markets.


We have partnered with BlackRock as it has global, market-leading capabilities in passive strategies and deep expertise in the UK market.

About BlackRock

BlackRock is the world's largest asset management business and manager of retirement assets. It pioneered index management over thirty years ago. Since then, it has continued to innovate and redefine indexing using technology, offering a broad range of index strategies covering many markets. As a leading provider of financial technology, clients turn to BlackRock for solutions they need when planning for their most important goals.

Preparing for a higher inflation regime

Inflation has persistently undershot central bank targets despite more than a decade of stimulus to revive it. Yet BlackRock sees three new forces that may lead to a higher inflation regime than many investors are expecting.

We select thought-provoking articles from BlackRock's investment experts which we think will be of interest, and share them with you here on a regular basis.

September update

Markets have rallied sharply from their virus lows, driven by the policy revolution and economic restart. Tighter valuations increase the risk of further market volatility, particularly ahead of the divisive U.S. elections. Against this backdrop BlackRock stays moderately pro-risk on a tactical basis, with a preference for credit.

Ramping up due diligence: are alternatives suited to everyone?

The debate over whether alternatives can really deliver on their promises across an entire market cycle continues to rage. BlackRock talks to wealth managers to find out what they look at when selecting such investments.