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Tax planning

Tax planning considerations for 2023/24 and beyond

This article explores some of the more well-known aspects of the UK personal taxation, covering their application and implications for clients. It aims to provide a clear overview, helping readers to optimise financial strategies in the evolving tax landscape for the remainder of the current tax year and beyond.

Know your limits – pension allowances FAQs

We answer common pension allowances questions to support advisers in the run up to the 2023/24 tax year end. 

Auto-enrolment 2.0 – extending the scope of workplace savings

A look at the changes new ‘enabling legislation’ will make to automatic enrolment and how salary exchange could soften the blow. 

Nics & salary exchange – autumn statement 2023

We explain the reductions in national insurance contributions for employees from 6th January 2024 and the self-employed from 6th April 2024. And look at the implications for salary exchange.

Workplace pension changes and employer consultation

An overview of the requirement for employers to consult their staff when making certain changes to workplace pension schemes. 

Relevant life cover FAQs

A round-up of frequently asked questions exploring how relevant life cover can offer a tax efficient, flexible approach to providing employee death benefits. 

The abolition of the lifetime allowance

A look at the abolition of the lifetime allowance, what it means now and from April 2024 onwards. 


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