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Online services

Easy steps to a more efficient and effective service for your clients.

Doing new business online allows you to streamline new business processing and gives you the control and flexibility throughout the client recommendation process.

  • Online remuneration statements

    • Previous 13 months of remuneration statements.
    • Available online in PDF format.
    • Real-time access to statements.
    • Speeds up the reconciliation and cash flow planning processes.
    • Removes the need to rely on paper statements for audit and compliance purposes.

    Easy to understand

    • Your remuneration is reported in a way that reflects your organisation's structure.
    • Uses products names for easy checking.
    • Summary pages will show you the amount earned by each part of your organisation, and by each registered individual.
    • Scottish Widows and Clerical Medical heritage products will be clearly listed making the statement easier to understand.

    Easier cash flow planning

    Manage your remuneration by using our online remuneration statement services to enable effective and efficient reconciliation and cash flow planning to take place.

    Electronic remuneration messaging service

    Introduce efficiencies to your remuneration reconciliation and cash flow planning processes through receiving remuneration data direct to your back office system.

    How does it work?

    Electronic remuneration messaging put simply, is an electronic version of a paper remuneration statement. An encrypted remuneration message file is produced by us at the same frequency as your normal paper statements. Once notified when your electronic remuneration messaging statement is due you can collect your electronic report from a secure mailbox and import the data into your chosen Back Office System.

    This automated service helps to accurately account for remuneration received (including renewal amounts), whilst reducing the resources spent on a task that can be laborious and time-consuming.

    How to apply?

    1. The appropriate individual (usually your remuneration or back office administrator) in your adviser firm or back office software supplier will need to complete the electronic remuneration messaging form.

    2. Download the EDI Registration form (PDF, 991KB).

    3. Please email the completed form to:

    New applications are normally processed within 5 working days. We will contact you with any additional requirements

  • What are the advantages of using a portal?

    Portals make it easier for you to:

    • compare quotes from many different providers
    • meet compliance needs
    • access and input data all in one place.

    Scottish Widows portal illustrations

    Illustrations for our enhanced annuity, pensions, protection and bonds products are available on the leading industry portals allowing you to compare them against products from other Life & Pension Providers, supporting your compliance processes and demonstrating an independent, 'whole of market' assessment of product suitability.

    We offer comparative illustrations for our core products through the leading industry portals as detailed in the below table:

      Bonds Pensions Protection Enhanced Annuities
    AMS       Yes
    Retirement Line       Yes
    Synaptic Webline       Yes
    iPipeline Yes Yes Yes Yes
    IRESS Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Hub Financial Solutions       Yes

    More information around portals can be found on Origo's site.

    See a step-by-step guide to registering, quoting and applying for our Enhanced Annuity

    Find out more about our Online Services.

    What is a portal?

    A portal gives you access to online quotes and applications for a wide range of products from most leading product providers; with the ability to request single company and comparison illustrations online all in one place.

Online illustrations

Our online illustrations are easy to use and have the following features:

  • save and retrieve previously completed illustrations
  • review multiple illustrations
  • full adviser remuneration flexibility
  • industry standard PDF illustrations
  • complete audit trail of data and transactions for compliance
  • accuracy supported through online validation
  • instant playback of key policy information at the process means that back office system records can be quickly and easily updated
  • we support industry portal illustration services.

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Online applications

The key to online applications is the re-use of information obtained from your client's quote. As a result clients receive their policy documentation quickly and remuneration payments are made sooner.

  • Applications pre-populated from illustrations.
  • Access and amend saved applications any time.
  • Accuracy supported through online validation.
  • PDF copy of submitted applications available instantly to view, print and save.
  • Online tracking available for protection.
  • Instant playback of key policy information, including policy numbers, at the process means that back office system records can be quickly and easily updated.
  • Complete audit trail of data and transactions for compliance.