Existing business

Online services

How you save time, securely managing existing policies and plans.

How to get access to secure online services

Follow our processes to set you or your agency up for easy secure services. All our online secure services comply with industry standard security protocols and the Data Protection Act.

  • Client management

    We have a suite of online policy reporting functionality which will provide full fund performance on your clients’ policies.

    These key metrics include:

    • asset/geographical/sector split analysis
    • portfolio composition
    • performance
    • portfolio risk
    • stock overlaps.

    Scottish Widows Platform

    For information about Scottish Widows Platform visit here

    You can also create fully customisable PDF reports, ensuring that they are tailored to meet your client’s specific needs.  In addition our comprehensive reporting suite supports full PDF print capability, including ‘Valuation’ and ‘Investment History’ reports which capture both current and historical performance data.

  • Back office systems

    We understand that a variety of technology components are used throughout the sales and customer servicing lifecycle and that the Back Office System often plays a key role within intermediary firms.

    Using Origo standards we integrate with a wide range of Back Office Systems. Services include Remuneration and Valuations.

    Valuations (contract enquiry)

    • A single data feed that provides intermediaries with client policy and fund data.
    • Authentication and access to client data controlled by individual Unipass digital certificates.
    • A breakdown of Retirement Account assets split between planning and income showing Scottish Widows funds, Control Accounts and Fund Supermarkets funds or Discretionary Fund Managers.
    • Supports those intermediaries wishing to provide a direct to consumer, self-serve proposition via back office system ‘Client Portals’ subject to appropriate data protection controls being in place.


    How do I get Scottish Widows valuations via my back office system?

    1. Check the list of Back Office Systems we currently link to.

    2. Register for Scottish Widows Online Services The easiest way to register is with a Unipass Digital Certificate.

    3. Once registered, you need to put your registration details into your Back Office System. Speak to your back office system support team about how you do this and how to set up contract enquiry. 


    Our remuneration messaging service provides details of remuneration payments made, enabling an efficient and effective reconciliation process.

    Find out more about our electronic remuneration messaging service



    Scottish Widows Platform

    For information about Scottish Widows Platform visit here

  • What are the advantages of using a portal?

    Portals make it easier for you to:

    • compare quotes from many different providers
    • meet compliance needs
    • access and input data all in one place.

    Scottish Widows portal illustrations

    Illustrations for our enhanced annuity, pensions, protection and bonds products are available on the leading industry portals allowing you to compare them against products from other Life & Pension Providers, supporting your compliance processes and demonstrating an independent, 'whole of market' assessment of product suitability.

    We offer comparative illustrations for our core products through the leading industry portals as detailed in the below table:

      Bonds Pensions Protection Enhanced Annuities
    AMS - - - Yes
    Retirement Line - - - Yes
    Synaptic Webline - - - Yes
    iPipeline Yes Yes Yes Yes
    IRESS Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Hub Financial Solutions - - - Yes

    See a step-by-step guide to registering, quoting and applying for our Enhanced Annuity. More information around portals can be found on Origo's site

    Find out more about our Online Services

    What is a portal?

    A portal gives you access to online quotes and applications for a wide range of products from most leading product providers; with the ability to request single company and comparison illustrations online all in one place.



    Scottish Widows Platform

    For information about Scottish Widows Platform visit here

Customer & portfolio management

Manage customer portfolios efficiently online through our existing business service, including access to valuations, fund and portfolio performance information and transaction histories. Where required, perform fund switches, top-ups and transfers in a controlled and secure manner using our online services.

You can service your clients online via our Adviser site and Back Office Systems for all our individual pensions, investments and workplace savings.

Clients and policies

  • Accurate policy valuations.
  • Instant access to policy valuations, fund information reporting, contribution history and projections.
  • Available via most adviser back-office systems.
  • Online increment quotes and additions available on our pension and protection products.

Customer management

Customer management

Our online services allow you to manage client and portfolio data in a secure online environment on the Scottish Widows Adviser site and in your back office system through our valuation messaging service (also known as Contract Enquiry).

Policy servicing

Review and manage your existing business from one place.

  • Illustrate and submit pension fund top-ups and transfers online.
  • Fund factsheets.
  • Fund prices.
  • Fund charting.
  • View overall policy valuation and asset breakdown.
  • Policy reporting suite

Scottish Widows Platform

For information about Scottish Widows Platform visit here

Fund switching & portfolio management

Our fund switching and online ‘dealing’ allows you to:

  • change the funds within client portfolios
  • redirect future pension contributions
  • switch statements sent to both you and your client
  • online confirmation, in PDF format, that can easily be saved electronically into your back office system.

Online validation ensures that only:

  • available funds for your client's product wrapper are displayed
  • fund splits within a portfolio always total 100%,
  • therefore minimises errors and reduces the risk to you and your client
  • online confirmation, in PDF format, that can easily be saved electronically into your back office system.

Bulk data services

Schedule bulk downloads of workplace and protection client and policy data to assist with data cleansing, client segmentation and marketing activities.

  • Automatic bulk data downloads with the latest policy information.
  • Policy changes and event notifications.
  • Populate or cleanse client records.
  • Ability to input into marketing campaigns.
  • Available in a CSV file format (complies with ORIGO industry standards for easy import into your back office system).
  • Available as a simple view in Excel.
  • Online bulk tracking available on our protection product.

Online applications

The key to online applications is the re-use of information obtained from your client's quote. As a result clients receive their policy documentation quickly and remuneration payments are made sooner.

  • Applications pre-populated from illustrations.
  • Access and amend saved applications any time.
  • Accuracy as online validation eradicates errors.
  • PDF copy of submitted applications available instantly to view, print and save.
  • Online tracking available for protection.
  • Instant playback of key policy information, including policy numbers, at the process means that back office system records can be quickly and easily updated.
  • Complete audit trail of data and transactions for compliance.