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Submit business and track all your cases online

SWB Click allows you to:

  • Create Illustrations
  • Create Decision in Principles (DIPs)
  • Submit Full Applications
  • Upload documents
  • Track applications


How To Use SWB Click

You can use SWB Click to:

You can use SWB Click to:

  • Register as a new broker
  • Re-register - if you have not submitted business within the last 12 months you can re-register
  • Re-set password / PIN – click on the link to re-set your password and/or PIN.  This will be sent via SMS if a mobile number has been supplied.
  • You can register here.

    What information you'll need to register:

    • Company FCA number
    • Company name
    • Company address
    • Contact numbers
    • Email address
    • Company Status (Directly Authorised or Appointed Representative)
      If the company is Directly Authorised they will be required to enter company bank account details and details of any mortgage clubs. If the company is an Appointed Representative they will need to provide their Network/Principal FCA number.
    • Individual name
    • Date of birth
    • Answers to two security questions (primary school and mothers maiden name)
  • You can use SWB Click to submit new applications for:

    • House Purchases (up to £3m)

    For new applications applying to borrow over £3 million please call us on 0345 845 0110. Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

    For existing Scottish Widows Bank customers you can use SWB Click to submit applications for:

    • Product Transfers (up to £1m)
    • Further Advances

    Customers who want to port their existing rate to a new property, require a Contract Change, Product Transfer with a total borrowing over £1 million or apply for borrowing amount that require more than one product fee to be paid, call us on 0345 845 0110. Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

  • Our SWB Click User Guide (PDF, 712KB) includes a check list with all the information you'll need to apply, and a step by step guide to help you get the most out of our Online Mortgage Service.

  • For help on how to key an application please refer to our SWB Click User Guide (PDF, 712KB).

  • You can now upload any requested supporting documents and track the progression of the mortgage application through to completion.

    Within Case Tracking you can:-

    • Filter & sort applications
    • View valuation statuses
    • View task statuses
  • Brokers who are registered and active to do business with us can register assistants within their firm and the assistant will receive their own login credentials (User ID and Password).

    Broker Assistant’s will be able to:

    • Create illustrations, decisions in principles and full mortgage applications for new mortgage and further advance application types
    • View and upload documents in case tracking for applications they own
    • Select which Broker will be the Originator of an application
    • Receive notifications of an application, valuation and task status change
    • Update their password and PIN

    Our SWB Click Broker Assistant Access (PDF, 768KB) includes a step by step guide with all the information you’ll need to register your assistants.

Give your clients online access

  • To further improve the service we provide, we offer internet banking, which enables your clients to view their mortgage account online.

    Using our internet banking service your clients can:

    • check their mortgage balance
    • view details of recent transactions
    • make regular overpayments towards their mortgage (not available for fixed rate mortgages).

    If your client would like internet banking, please ensure you complete the internet banking question in Section A of the mortgage application form. Or, if your client is already a Scottish Widows Bank mortgage customer, complete our internet banking registration form (PDF, 70KB) and send it back to us.

Need support?

Need support?

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